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I'm an illustrator living in Round Rock, TX, just outside of Austin. I’ve been drawing, painting, and writing for as long as I can remember. It's the only ambition I’ve ever had besides being a mom--and singing and dancing on broadway (a dream unrealized due to my inability to sing or dance.)

I LOVE kids' literature! I love how a few well-crafted words can draw children’s attention from across the room or compel them to lean in closer to see the pictures. I love to see my kids burst into laughter or hide under their covers in response to books. I love how much story a single illustration can tell. I love how much emotion you can convey with well-placed lines and color. I love cleverly-crafted characters. I love studying and admiring the work of others, and I love creating my own.


My goals as an illustrator are to:

  1. Create the highest quality work of which I’m capable.

  2. Be professional and reliable in my commitments

  3. Create art that inspires my children to be compassionate and introspective and to laugh as much as possible.

  4. Continually learn, improve, and stretch my abilities

When I’m not drawing, I spend my time running, reading, book-clubbing, and retiring early to the Nerdery with my husband and our 3 nerdlings for games or movie night. I love anything that makes me laugh hard, think hard, or both. Anything else puts me to sleep, which is something else I love to do and is, therefore, a net gain. 

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